It suddenly occurred to me that a half selfie with the in-progress #pillarsofcreation could be a thing #halfselfie #spacepainting #workinprogress #stillgoing #eaglenebula #hubblepainting

Artist Statement

As a being made of the same stuff as everything else around me, I visualize my consciousness like a little bubble of the Universe contemplating its own self. While we wonder who we are and what’s going on, so too does the Universe as a whole, via each one of us. Working in various mediums with my paint brush and laser cutter, I am no more and no less than a little conduit for the curiosity of existence.

About the Artist

Juliet Drake Hossain spent the first part of her creative life in the performing arts, enjoying music, theatre and film. She obtained a B.F.A. in Performance from Hofstra University in 2002, and professionally acted until the birth of her two children. As an Air Force spouse, she was afforded eclectic experiences while living in the Washington, D.C. area, New York City, Phoenix, San Antonio, Tokyo and Delaware. Juliet now lives and works out of her current home in southern New Jersey. Her favorite tools are her paintbrushes and her Glowforge laser cutter, and her favorite inspirations are her vibrant children, space imagery, theatrical themes, nature and the contemplation of self. Juliet stuffs her pockets with big dreams and invites you along for the journey. Welcome to Juliet’s Balcony.

Notes on the Gallery

Previous Content and the New Purpose

My website has recently undergone a dramatic restructuring in order to bring its purpose into focus. This will no longer be a storage facility for my entire body of work, which now spans a decade in the visual arts. A sampling of my favorite pieces will be highlighted in the “Featured Works” and “Portfolio” sections, so you can get acquainted with my style and various mediums of choice. If you’d like to see more, you can still find many of my other pieces on my Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy pages (please see the links below). I also plan to improve on my connection to the audience, starting with a new blog section: “Scenes from the Balcony.” This will be (usually) updated on a weekly basis, so stay tuned!